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  First and foremost, I would like to extend my deeply sincere gratitude to my respectablesupervisor,Professor Yan Jinglan, who has guided me to the world of InterculturalCommunication Studies and inspired me greatly in the study, and encouraged me to make abold attempt in writing this thesis. Her profound learning, inspiring inculcation and constantstrictness have stimulated my enthusiasm for working on the subject and thesis. Without herenlightened instruction and patient revision,it would be impossible for the accomplishment ofmy thesis.

  I am also obliged to Professor Wang Zhiqin, Professor Yang Huimin and Professor ChenLi, who asked me enlightening questions during thesis proposal defense and inspired me toretrospect my study on discourse analysis. My special thanks are due to those teachers,Professor Shao Zhihong,Professor Yu Jianguo, and Professor Wang Jianguo,whose classeslead me to learn more about translation theories,linguistic corpus knowledge, which alsoenlighten my construction on the thesis. Besides, my gratitude also goes to all other teacherswho have offered me help in the School of Foreign Languages at East China University ofScience and Technology during my two and a half years' study.

  Finally,I am also deq?ly grateful to my family for their love,understanding andencouragement. It is the mental,spiritual and financial support from my parents to keep meinsisting on completing the thesis; especially I wish to dedicate this thesis to my dear motherwho contributed herself to my life and study through the past twenty-four years.


  This thesis would not have been possible without the guidance and help fromseveral individuals who contributed and extended their valuable assistance in thepreparation and completion of my study.

  First and foremost, my utmost gratitude to my supervisor at China Foreign AffairsUniversity, Dr. Lu Xiaohong, for her guidance, understanding, patience, and most ofall, her support during my writing of the thesis paper. She has spent so much of hertime giving me direction and reading, correcting my thesis paper. Without her advices,I would have been lost in a wrong field.

  I would also like to thank all of my teachers in the English Department of ChinaForeign Affairs University, especially to Professor Shi Yi, Professor Sun Jisheng,Professor Song Aiqun, Professor He Qun and Professor Cui Changqing. I have learneda lot from them during my time at this university, and I will always miss the time Ihave spent together with them in the classroom.

  I would like to express my thanks to all faculty members who have provided usnumerous support and help.

  Finally, and most importantly, I would like to thank my parents. Their support,encouragement, quiet patience and unwavering love are the driving power of my work.

  I thank my son, Gao Zizheng, who always cheers me up and brings inspirations to me.


  This thesis would never have materialized without the help and support frommany parties.

  First and foremost, I wish to express my sincere gratitude to my supervisor inChina Foreign Affairs University, Professor Lv Hui, for his invaluable instruction,incessant inspiration and constant encouragement. She has spent a lot of time readingand correcting my thesis. Without her academic guidance, I could not haveaccomplished this thesis. Her energy and passion for knowledge and education havehad such a great influence on me that I am sure they always remain a beacon in myfuture career.

  I am also indebted to all my teachers in the English Department of China ForeignAffairs University, especially to Professor Zhang XiaoLi, Ms. Shi Yi, Ms. MeiQiong, Professor Sun Jisheng, Professor Wang Yan, Professor Song Aiqun andProfessor He Qun for everything I have learned from them during the time at thisuniversity.

  I would like to express my thanks to my friends Liu Ying and Jin XiaoQing fortheir sincere support.

  In addition, I wish to say thanks to my family and relatives, especially my elderbrother Liu WenFeng, who gave me a lot of useful information for me.

  In the end, I'm grateful to my mother. Without her help and encouragement, Iwould never have finished this thesis on time.


  Before concluding this thesis, I would like to take the precious opportunity to extend mywholehearted gratitude to all who have been helping me with my accomplishment of thispaper.

  First and foremost,I owe my deepest gratitude to my distinguished supervisor, ProfessorYan Jinglan,who empowered me with inspiration and instruction, guided me in collection ofabundant materials, and enlightened me while in confusion. I am deeply grateful for thecontinuous support throughout my post-graduate study, especially during the time I studied atImperial College London. Without her dedicated assistance and insightfiil supervision, Iwould not have the courage to pursue for another master degree at Imperial, let alone thisthesis.

  My sincere appreciation also goes to my prestigious master programme team at EastChina University of Science and Techonlogy, just to name a few, Professor Yu Yuguo,Professor Shao Zhihong,Professor Wang Jianguo, Professor Yang Huimin,Ms. Zhang Pan,Ms. Lin Mei, etc.,whose thought-provoking instruction imparted profound knowledge andmorality and who accredited me the opportunity to study abroad and experience in the globalcontext within my post-graduate study.

  Last but not least,I am so gratefial to the programme team at Imperial College BusinessSchool, which allowed me getting access to the facilities and data polls,represented by MarcoMongiello, MBA programme senior director and Frankie Galati, senior programmecoordinator and associate professor Sankalp Chaturvedi, supporting me with direct data andkey facts about course designs through personal emails and interviews. Without their kindestassistance, this study would have gone nowhere.


  It takes me a whole year to finish this paper, and the process is definitely not easy.

  Fortunately, my supervisor, Professor Zhang Lei, keeps giving me valuable instructionand encouragement with her great patience and carefulness. Each time I sent her adraft of my paper, she would not only check its overall structure and logic closely, butalso correct all the errors word by word, which helped me to improve my papersteadily and made me feel more confident day by day. Without her guidance, thispaper can never be finished in time. And besides the paper itself, Professor Zhang alsogave me useful advice on how to approach the field of international relations whichwill be quite conducive to my further study. Therefore, I would like to express mysincere gratitude to Professor Zhang Lei for her kind help.

  I also want to thank all my English teachers at China Foreign Affairs University.

  During my two years' study on campus, they gave me professional and patientinstruction on English learning, which proved to be a necessary basis for the writingof this paper.






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